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Development Atelier

Our profound experience and immersive passion for knitwear is matched only by our commitment to sustainability. Recognizing the transformative potential of sharing our knowledge and craft, we've expanded beyond just products. We're thrilled to offer specialized services, enabling other designers and businesses to benefit from our experience and dedication to eco-conscious practices.

Textiles for Fashion and Interior

At lotre, we design and develop knitted textiles for fashion designers, product designers, and interior architects. Through collaborative discussion, we identify your requirements, conceptualize designs, select suitable materials, and realize projects in the desired project scope. Our offering range from textile panels for further processing to swatches that serve as production samples for large-scale manufacturing.

Fully Fashioned Development

Embodying the essence of "Fully Fashioned Development," our garments are developed to be knitted directly into shape. This avoids textile waste and ensures a superior finish. For fashion designers and brands, we oversee and execute the knit production of seasonal collections right here in Berlin. Additionally, we offer small quantity in-house production.

Sustainable Production Management for Knitwear

Navigating the intricacies of knitwear demands expertise, and that's where we come in. We manage your knitwear production across Europe, connecting you with our strong network of reliable and high-quality producers and managing your manufacturing processes. We consider all three pillars of a sustainable production: environmental, social, and economic.

Student Development

We thrive on collaborative innovation and are always eager to allocate time for student projects. To support upcoming talent, we offer these services at a discounted rate. Our capacity to offer student-focused development varies based on our current workload – feel free to inquire!

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