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Development Studio

We match our profound experience and passion for knitwear with a strong commitment to sustainability. Recognizing the transformative potential of sharing our knowledge and craft, we've expanded beyond just products. We're thrilled to offer specialized services, enabling other designers and businesses to benefit from our experience and dedication to eco-conscious practices.

Design and Patternmaking for Knitwear

At the heart of our studio lies a deep-seated knowledge and love for the art of knitting, a craft where every stitch tells a story. We combine the unique skills of both a knitting designer and a technician, roles traditionally held apart, to foster a hands-on, creative process that truly sets our work apart. Our studio thrives on a profound knowledge and passion for knitting, a versatile craft that extends beyond traditional knitwear to shoe design, interior design, product design, and technical textiles.

Prototyping and Swatch Development

Our expertise extends into the realms of prototyping and swatch development. This may serve as a bridge to communicate your vision to clients or to fine-tune your concept. Whether you are looking for a single proof of concept, detailed swatches, or a small batch of prototypes, our studio is equipped to bring your ideas to life with precision and care.

Small Scale Production made in Berlin

Specializing in small scale productions, we have the capability to swiftly produce up to 20 pieces—or even more for 3D knitted items—right here in Berlin. Our approach ensures flexibility and speed, including quick reorder options for small quantities without additional surcharges, embodying our commitment to both quality and efficiency.

Sustainable Production Management & Partner Network

As your designs grow and production needs expand, our sustainable production management services and extensive partner network across Germany, Portugal, and Serbia come into play. We offer to oversee your entire production process, from garment selection to final quality control, ensuring that your products not only meet but exceed you and your customers expectations.

Knitwear Related Trend Research

Our forward-thinking approach includes comprehensive trend and design research for upcoming knitwear collections. We adeptly match your innovative ideas with specific knitting techniques, aiding in the realization of your vision. Our expertise ensures that your collection is not only current but also uniquely yours, setting trends rather than following them.

Costume Creation for Theater and Film

Our collaboration with theater and film productions has allowed us to explore the boundless possibilities of knitwear in costume design. We work closely with costume designers to bring their visions to life, creating surprising and captivating pieces that enhance the storytelling experience, proving that with knitwear, almost any textile idea is possible.

Student Development

Recognizing the importance of nurturing future talent, we offer a student discount program, providing a 50% reduction off our regular prices, depending on our current order situation. This initiative reflects our commitment to supporting the next generation of designers and creators, making our specialized services more accessible to those still learning their craft.

Workshops on Knitting and Creative Entrepreneurship for Universities

Our passion for creative entrepreneurship drives us to share our knowledge and experience through workshops aimed at universities. Covering topics from finance and pricing to insights into the daily life of a creative business, we aim to inspire and educate future entrepreneurs. Our engagements span from university courses to school talks, all designed to promote a passion for creativity and economic thinking in the leaders of tomorrow.

Learn more about our Projects

Inspire yourself by browsing through a selected list of our projects, ranging from 3d-based designs to theatre costumes.

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