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Our Responsible Promise

The most sustainable garment is the one worn forever.

We strive to achieve the highest possible quality and comfort to make this possible. However, we believe the most important aspect is the emotional connection you build with your products of choice. After all, you have to love what you wear in order to keep choosing it from your wardrobe, year in and year out.

Our approach to sustainability involves everything from minimizing our environmental footprint, to treating both humans and nature fairly, and keeping our supply chain as local as possible.


100% Natural

Our garments are exclusively made from natural materials, either plant- or animal-based. This means no emissions of microplastics during washing and 100% biodegradability. Beyond the sustainability aspect of the material, lotre garments will leave you with a terrific natural skin feel.


Made to Order

A not so healthy share of fashion waste stems from massive overproduction: unsold clothes are turned to waste once a new collection is launched. Your waiting time after ordering of approximately two weeks has a direct positive impact on the environmental footprint. We only produce as many lotre garments as our costumers want to wear.


Fair Fashion

The people creating our favorite clothes deserve the same wellbeing that we enjoy. Our production is entirely located in Berlin and fair wages for all our employees are a given. We create fashion without an exploited and low-wage workforce.


Zero Waste

Opposite to established industrial practice, we avoid wasteful knitted fabric clips by knitting pieces in from and using ready-to-wear knit whenever realizable. Our development samples are gathered for creative uses beyond the clothing space. Follow our Instagram to be first to know about it!


Made Locally

We want to design and manufacture your garments close to their final home. Thus we keep our supply and delivery chain as local as possible to minimize our carbon footprint. Further, bein close to our customers is a key ingredient to our experimental and feedback-based development approach.

Interested in learning about our production process?

Get to know our team and join us for a look behind the curtains!

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