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Development Process

Our Creative Process

Welcome to 'lotre', inspired by the French word 'l'autre'. It's our nod to celebrating individuality and finding our own way of being kind to our planet.

With lotre, we've blended two essentials: distinct creative expression that results in designs beyond the usual, and a deliberate, thoughtful process to ensure our clothes stand the test of time in style, comfort, and durability. We hope for each lotre piece to be loved by you for years to come.

Our most important ressource

#1 Wool Supply

We place the highest importance on a high quality wool: we only choose yarns with a terrific softness and excellent durability. Exclusive use of natural fibers means no microplastics and full bio-regenerativity for all your lotre pieces. You can find a detailed list of the materials used to make each garment on its respective product page.
Bringing the visions to life

#2 Designing

How do colors, materials and textures interact with each other and how to achieve maximum comfort? Modern knitwear design requires several complicated steps to work in tandem: Finding the right cut, deciding on a pattern for shapes and colors, determining the desired surface feel - all to be precisely translated into machine language. Contrary to other sustainable labels, we design on our own knitting machine with immediate feedback. Thereby we can fully exhaust any materials's full potential.
Technical implementation

#3 Programming

Every knitwear design needs to be translated into machine-readable language to ensure several core product aspects. First, this step lays the base for production quality excellence, preventing any material hiccups during knitting. Second, programming allows us to produce the knitwear piece without any excessive surface, drastically cutting resource waste. Third, it allows for speedy production after you have placed your order.
Made in Europe

#4 Knitting

The knitting is what all the leadup is about: turning wool on cones into garments for you to wear. Our industrial Karl Mayer Stoll knitting machine either releases in-form-pieces or even 3D-knitted products. This step requires a lot of machine understanding and fine-tuning until flawless and predictable results leave the machine.
Handmade by our team

#5 Manufacturing

In our manufacturing step, we link the in-form-knitted pieces into finished products. Following an additional quality control, we add all labels to make our products not only look, but also read lotre. While the knitting process itself is fully automated, we place a gread importance on the manual aspects of knitwear development.
They lived happily ever after

#6 Wearing

Now it is up to you: dinners with friends or cozy evenings on the couch, your lotre knits would like to come along and keep you comfortable. Enjoy your garment for years to come. If you wonder how to care for your lotre products, check out our care recommendations. And if you have any questions or wishes left, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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