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Our Knitwear Inspires Sustainable Wearership

Hello there! Ever noticed that the clothes we wear the longest are the ones we truly love? That's our aim for every piece of lotre knitwear. We make comfortable, quality pieces that you'll want to keep grabbing from your closet.

We’re all about doing things the right way. Apart from our Human Centered Design Approach, we focus on biodegradable yarns, a zero waste production, short supply chains, and treating all our stakeholders on eye level.

All natural

Biodegradable Materials

Most of our garments are exclusively made from natural materials, either plant- or animal-based. This means no emissions of microplastics during washing and 100% biodegradability. Beyond the sustainability aspect, lotre garments will leave you with a terrific natural skin feel.
Made to order

Overproduction avoided

A terrifying share of fashion waste stems from overproduction: unsold or barely worn clothes are turned to waste once new collections are launched. If you order a lotre piece made upon order, your waiting time of one to two weeks helps keep our joint environmental footprint down by avoiding future deadstock.
Fair Fashion

Collaboration over Exploitation

We value collaborative efforts above all else. Keeping our production local allows us to ensure a fair treatment of all our staff, including everyone’s material and psychological wellbeing. We create clothing without an exploited and low-wage workforce.
Zero Waste Knitting

Resource-saving Production

Opposite to established industrial practice, we knit clothing pieces in shape and use ready-to-wear knit whenever realizable. We thus avoid waste in the form of knitted fabric clips. Our development samples are transformed into super soft pillowcases for your couch or bed.
Local Production

Turning Soft Yarn into Softer Knits

For your new lotre piece, we want to create the shortest possible path between our workshop and your home. Our supply and delivery chain is kept as local as possible to minimize lotre’s carbon footprint. Also, being close to our customers is a key ingredient to our experimental and feedback-based development approach - we always love to hear from you. get in touch

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